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The Beholder : Europe Nights : Rome

When in Rome...

Views from the Michaelango Picasso plaza captured by MRW.

The architecture in Rome is absolutely breath taking!

Rome, Italy

The Coliseum, The Vatican, The Fountain of Youth; these are only a few of all the wonders that Rome has to offer. The architecture in Rome is absolutely breath taking. And I must say that Rome has some of the best food I had while in Europe. Definitely make sure you stop by the nearest Halaal spot and grab a gyro or a platter. You won’t regret it. While walking the streets of Rome there a tons of people that approach you trying to sell different items. It definitely is annoying but if you aren’t interested just say no and proceed to keep walking. Again, say no and keep it moving.

Must see / Must do:


Trevi Fountain

Vatican Museums

Piazza Venezia

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